I’m Buying My First Bathing Suit at 26, Thanks to Instagram

by Nifath Chowdhury, Editorial Assistant

It is a strange thing, to be a twenty-something woman in 2018, never having owned a swimsuit. Yet it’s where I find myself now, evading invites to the beach and pool parties, unsure of how to tell someone, “I dont have a swimsuit because I grew up in a conservative Bangladeshi family where Victorian fashion is deemed immodest.” I cant exactly borrow a swimsuitcan I? The thought of going to a store to buy one is daunting. I can see myself like a fish out of water, lost in a sea of styles, suffocated by the probing employees, feeling stranded and clueless (is this underwear or is this underwear?) My mother would sooner disown me than see me bare my— anything, and my own pride prevents me from asking my girlfriends for help. The next best spot for advice? Instagram, where I get to see how swimsuits look on “real” women, women my age and my height. So, after much scouring, I’ve found five Instagram beauties who look good in swimsuits that even I might wear.

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Home away from home🏡🚤

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Tessfeed is a wonderfully curated collection of seasonal images from her daily life in New York, interspersed with pictures from her holidays on sandy beaches abroad. This swimsuit is one I could strap on without a cover-upits black, its a one-piece but its also playful with the white lace detail and tie-up straps.

Arden has the sort of photos that could grace the covers of indie band albums. This bikini is slightly more risqué than a one-piece with the bright color and bold cut, but draping an over-sized denim jacket makes it generally less revealing, and definitely something I could pull off my first time hitting the beach.

itty bitty titty committee meet the tiny hiney 🍑 happy fourth 🇺🇸✨🎊

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Meghans Instagram has the sort of bright, cozy vibe that brings to mind some sort of (Insta)heavenwhere all the photos go after theyve been perfectly edited. From her many swimwear photos, this one stood out to me as a great inspiration for a first swimsuit. Its fun, bright and has cheeky little side cut-outs. Its also got that whole Im-a-good-girl-with-a-bad-side vibe going for it, which I am very into.

Alexandrias feed is full of inspiration for swimsuits for anyone, but in particular, this black two-piece stuck out to me because of its athletic appeal. The simple (yet sexy) cut is sure to turn some heads, whether it’s my first time at the beach or not.

none of my family members were impressed by the only balloon figure i could make

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Kelseys feed isnt saturated with glamor shots. What you get is a girl who looks like shes having a blast in all her photos, even if the lighting isnt always on point. If someone invites me to a really glam pool party this summer and I need to make an impression upon arrival, this bright yellow one-piece is the way to go. Half-formed balloon animals also make for an excellent prop.