@Musical.ly #Musers: Stars Without the Stage

Musical.ly, the app that allows users to upload videos of themselves dancing and lip syncing to popular hits, has been valued between $800 million and $1 billion in its sale to Beijing-based powerhouse Bytedance. The deal will unite the app’s western audiences of over 60 million with Bytedance’s flagship Facebook-like news aggregator Toutiao’s audience of around 120 million. Talk about reach.

If you’re not a teen, neonate or member of an even younger age bracket, it’s possible to have never even heard of the app. Thanks to helpful guides created for parents and the uninitiated, we can all better understand how this social network has grown super stars from humble roots.

One reason this app has such massive appeal: ease of use. Any kid growing up with smartphone access—whether it belongs to them or mom and dad—can take a video, throw some fun effects on it and share it with their friends for giggles and likes. You don’t even need to have a good singing voice. While there have been some issues with allowing this kind of access to grade school kids, it’s the savvy mega-famous users putting real effort into each video who are attracting brands looking to market to the platform’s coveted fanbase age demographic.

The other important factor in launching the app’s popularity to new heights? Musical.ly’s branding is synonymous with the aspirational. Steps can be taken to improve vids, hashtag challenges entered to boost views, and positive comments can be read as encouragement—especially compared to the normal barrage of internet trolls on other networks. The stars, while often model-like beings, are also normal everyday kids connecting with one another on a massive scale.

Read on for our list of super #musers making waves on musical.ly and Insta.

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Melanie Wilking & Miranda Wilking

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @wilkingsisters | ⏯ Youtube: twogirls02
📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Followers: 9,513


Max Mills and Harvey Mills

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @maxandharvyeofficial | ⏯ Youtube: Max & Harvey
📍 Location: UK |  📊  Followers: 672,749

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Kelianne Stankus

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @keliannestankus | ⏯ Youtube: Keliannestankus
📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Followers: 124,113


Dani Perkins & Deven Perkins

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @perkinssisters | ⏯ Youtube: PerkinsSisters
📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Followers: 154,297

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Morgan Monrad

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @morganmonrad | ⏯ Youtube: MorganMonrad
📍 Location: New Zealand | 📊  Followers: 13,717

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Julian Jara & Jovani Jara

🎶 Musical.ly Username: @99goonsquad | ⏯ Youtube: 99GoonSquad
📍 Location: Boynton Beach, FL |📊  Followers: 612,442


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