Mother’s Day Cards: Haikus from Insta-Moms

A sweet, simple idea turned into a meaningful exercise: reading—really taking in—our favorite moms’ Instagram captions. Some write shorter, others pen little novels. Everyone has their own depth.

We strung some of our favorite lines together to make patchwork haikus. And with Mother’s Day cards due in the mail any day now, we wanted to share the inspiration.

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The baby’s napping /

Excited for this chapter /

Snuggle him longer /

Occupation: Rye & Butter founder

Location: Kansas City, MO

Followers: 2,304

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Immediate love /

Have women you can lean on /

Feeling accomplished /

Occupation: Chef, Top Chef Host, Prince Street Podcast Host

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Followers: 67.2k

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Looking at the moon /

We all come from the same place /

My heart, indigo /

Occupation: Di Alba Chef and Partner

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 5,812


Best thing to happen /

A force when we’re together /

You keep me focused /

Occupation: Teen Vogue Fashion Director

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 11.3k

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He marched. He held signs. /

Fight for an America /

The future looks bright.

Occupation: VP of Creative at Equipment, Joe, and Current/Elliott

Location: Los Angeles, CA (in a tree house, basically)

Followers: 2,095

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Confidence and space /

To one day bloom, on her own /

Struggle leads to joy /

Occupation: Writer and Stylist

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 42.5k

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These magical souls /

Those days you want to bottle /

Love is the answer /

Occupation: Freebird Productions Owner and Founder

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 3,199


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