Millennial Pink Canned Drinks

First came pink lettuce, and we did not speak out. Then came pink mushrooms, and we recoiled slightly but did not speak out because to each his own, you know? And then came a dozen varieties of canned pink drinks, and we had to say something, because who are our sunburnt summer selves without canned beverages?

Gramlisters under 21, your fake ID won’t work here. However, if you’re of age to drink responsibility, here are the best of the pink canned drink trend, for those future weekend afternoons when the idea of combining two ingredients into a plastic cup seems far too difficult.

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Best Pink Gin-in-a-Can: Pink Gin & Tonic

Who Makes It: @gordonsginuk

What Makes It Pink: Raspberries and redcurrant

📊Followers: 8,149

Best Pink Rum-in-a-Can: Fizzy Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi

Who Makes It: @maliburumus, of course

What Makes It Pink: Pink lemonade. Oh, and the addition of “certified color.”

📊Followers: 23,882

Best Pink Wine-Spritzer-in-a-Can: Ramona

Who Makes It: @drinkramona 
(not the Real Housewife, for better or worse, who also has a wine label)

What Makes It Pink: Ruby grapefruit

📊Followers: 9,687

Best Pink Rosé-in-a-Can: Underwood Rosé Bubbles

Who Makes It: @unionwinecompany

What Makes It Pink: Wild strawberry, fruit cocktail, and tart cherry notes

📊Followers: 20,100

Don’t be like uncool.

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Best Pink Rosé-in-a-Can: Underwood Rosé Bubbles

Who Makes It: @webroughtwine, aka Swish Beverages, aka that company you’ve heard about from @thefatjewish

What Makes It Pink: Watermelon, strawberry, and floral notes

📊Followers: 115,080



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