Mercury Retrograde Protection Plan: Astrologists Guiding The Way


You’re cordially invited to Mercury Going into Retrograde!

What: That crazy chaos-fueled period that happens a few times a year. Inescapable, and it affects everyone pretty much the same way.

Why: If you subscribe to the tenants of astrology, then you also believe that the planet Mercury rules communication, clear-mindedness, general ease of day-to-day happenings. When Mercury’s movement slows down, it actually appears to be moving backward. Earth responds by flipping everything upside down. (Grande Dame Susan Miller of beloved site AstrologyZone explains this in depth, as in her wont, right here.)

When: Starting tomorrow, April 28th, through May 22. Get ready.

Who’s coming: Well, in addition to you, the enlightened minds behind these five feeds. Each offers their own unique take, from super-scientific astrology to more holistic generalities. Consider this your personal road map through retrograde. See you on the other side.

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