Time to Unwind: Meditation on Insta

On Monday we looked to the sky. Today, we look inward. We’re all constantly contemplating how to carve out space in our lives, whether it’s physical or temporal. Finding the time to actually unwind and focus on ever important self care can be tricky.

Bombarded with options, platitudes, regimens, even apps, meant to help with the de-stressing process can be, well, stressful. One step toward learning how to keep your mind garden flourishing? Meditation options that work for you and your schedule.

Many thought leaders and organizations on the scene are subscribing to a new model, whether that means running classes 24-7 in studio, or not operating out of a studio at all. The point is to gather, in groups large or small, and gather your thoughts in order to find release.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and escape with these feeds.

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Their tagline: Meditation for the Modern Mind. Look for weekly sits in NYC and other events worldwide.

🙏 Center: The Path |📍Location: New York, NY | 📊  Follower Count: 5,826


With classes running all day and night, Unplug bills itself as the world’s first drop in meditation studio.

🙏 Center: Unplug Meditation |📍Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Follower Count: 36,528

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Dubbed the “SoulCycle of meditation,” green spaces and venue changes are on the menu.

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WMN space offers a place for women to heal, grow and give back to other women. A win, win.

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Pehaps the most unique phenomena on our list, The Big Quiet holds mass meditations for modern people at venues like Full Moon Fest and Madison Square Garden.

🙏 Center: The Big Quiet |📍Location: NYC & All Over  | 📊  Follower Count: 11,421


Achieve maximum mindfulness at-home with the Undo meditation cushion, the ideal accessory for getting a little solo practice in place.