#MeToo: Women Taking a Stand on Social

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s decades of horrific behavior coming to light, women who have long suffered in silence are finally speaking up.

Rose McGowan, who was initially ostracized by the entertainment industry for coming forward, has led the charge on Instagram, encouraging women across the social media platform to amplify their voices as part of the #rosearmy.

Since its creation, the hashtag has garnered over 9.5k posts along with support from the likes of fellow Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano, who echoed her support for sexual assault and harassment survivors to share their stories using the hashtag #metoo.

The hashtag has trended worldwide with over 300k posts and the rallying support of Lady Gaga and Gabrielle Union, among others. Sexual harassment is not normal, nor should it be normalized. Here, get inspired by some of the women and organizations banding together to raise awareness of the magnitude of the problem.

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Apoorva Jayarajan
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Hilarie Burton
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Tempest Hurricane
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#RoseArmy – It’s time to stop silencing victims.
I stand with @rosemcgowan ✊🏻❤️#pencil

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Chelsea Tavares
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