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Why is everyone drinking matcha? It makes for great optics, if the personal brand thing matters to you. Carrying around the green drink—or posting a photo of one—communicates to the world that you’re part of the wellness crowd. Visually, we’re hardwired to respond to bright hues, especially when the colors mirror nature’s cues of vitality and growth. (Think financial wellness app Mint and Whole Foods.) It’s one of those “everything old is new at some point” ideas. Chinese monks have been grinding matcha leaves into powdered tea since 2500 B.C.E. and the techniques are still the same today. Here, five brands and places capitalizing on the ingredient of the (current) moment.

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Matcha just one of the many virtuous ingredients used in the psychedelic-looking (and highly Instagrammable) drinks here. Some, like the blue “Unicorn Latte” are even topped with flowers.

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Not that matcha likely features on anyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions, but Kenko Tea’s worldwide—and affordable—delivery of matcha in many forms leaves no excuses.

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Panatea arrived on the scene in 2014—on the upward-trending side of the matcha bell curve—and through retail partners, has been trying to change the way we drink the tea, without compromising the time-tested benefits. Their instant matcha packets are easy like Crystal Light and can be dissolved into water or used in cooking.

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Taiyaki is Japanese for “fried fish” and while the fish-shaped cones have hooked the Instagram world, they’ve long been a mainstay in Japan. What is new is filling it with matcha soft serve (instead of red bean paste).

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The Portland teahouse takes portraits of their team and customers enjoying their restorative elixirs, a savvy way to position the star product as something worth gathering around.

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