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Lorem Ipsum, run by Margot Boyer-Dry, is an online culture magazine that keeps readers relevant with music, design, food, and whatever else is cool right now. Those in the editorial world may recognize the source of the publication’s name. Lorem Ipsum, simply put, is the placeholder text used to help visualize what a story will look like on a page before the actual text is available.

This idea applies to the newsletter, as the tri-weekly bulletin covers ever changing cultural trends. The conversationally savvy will recognize the merit of the site’s “cerebral grounding,” as much as the irreverent comedy stylings that accompany the information disseminated.

It’s quick, edgy, and incredibly funny—do yourself a solid and scroll through the feeds that inspire Margot on your way to clicking subscribe.

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Says Margot:

I devote roughly 40% of my mental energy to how brands interact with people, and instagram is the perfect brand playground. The other 60% I devote to foodstill waiting for a good platform for that.


When I’m feeling like the cool kids’ club I look at…


Opening Ceremony isn’t embarrassed by how cerebral they are—you can see the overthinking in their stylistic choices and that’s what makes them so hip. Each one of their captions is like a prompt for a liberal arts college class.

Followers: 1,093,689

When I want to erase irony from my psyche, I look at…

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Their Instagram branding is unabashedly happy in a way that doesn’t necessarily come through in their real-world life—’Cow appreciation day‘? Delightful. I started following them on Instagram when I saw their ads on Citibike stations—anyone advertising on a bike has got to have some bigger strategy, right?

Followers: 30,813

When I want the world to expand I look at…

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Been loving their coverage of the Warmups this summer; plus everything at PS1 is art. When you go there YOU are art. Their gram reinforces that truth.

Followers: 423,972

Continuing on public transport (their subway ads are 🔥 ), when I want to dream I look at…

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Real estate porn > food porn.

Followers: 8,911

When I want to think about how culture happens I look at…

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It’s fun to watch a bunch of cultural influences come together in one brand: hip hop, South Asian spirituality, and young urban professionals. Of course.

Followers: 34,445

When I want to see an industry success, I look at…

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Speaking of disparate cultures, it’s kind of amazing to think about how denim has mastered us all. Levi’s owns its multi-demographic appeal in their instagram, catering to a bunch of different subcultures from prep to skater. Hard to do that successfully, and they have.

Followers: 2,606,804

When I want the brutal truth I look at…

A post shared by The Onion (@theonion) on


The ultimate in instagram journalism.

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And when I inevitably run out of onion headlines I look at…

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Their handle makes you realize that Instagram is its own journalistic medium—their image-plus-perfectly-crafted-paragraph formula is pure power.

Followers: 2,925,522

While we’re on media, I can’t not mention…

A post shared by The Outline (@outline) on


On the pulse of the whole ‘snake person media’ thing, and also ON those visuals. Each image—even without context—asks a question, and the stories follow up on those questions in a really compelling way.

Followers: 6,235

Ok now for the inevitable food section. When I’m in that food place I start with…


It’s just all the beautiful stuff their staff is making and eating, which 1. establishes that there is definitely a Bon Appetit inner circle, and 2. makes me want to be in it. Dear Condé, how do we arrange a Lorem Ipsum column in there?

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But if cooking isn’t in the cards I look at…

A post shared by KIND Snacks (@kindsnacks) on


Haven’t they grown a lot since the introduction of the humble KIND bar? Instagram tells me now that they’re really leaning into the kid angle with fruit snacks and cuter branding. Kind of a duh, I guess—what stylish mom do you know who doesn’t buy the grownup version?

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And now onto liquids…



Did you know that Blue Bottle employees get healthcare?

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[Hard] Seltzer. So hot right now. I appreciate their use of negative space to imply the nothingness of bubble water as a drink mixer.

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And when my ears need a treat I look at…

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*The* place for music news– and well-framed resistance.

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We heard Margot Boyer-Dry snagged these Levi’s overalls for her closet. Think about grabbing a pair of your own, after all, trends may change, but denim is forever.