Blast from the Past: The Jazz Age Lawn Party

Each year flappers and dandies ferry their way to Governors Island for the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, held June 10-11 and August 26-27 in 2017. The event provides the perfect opportunity to escape modern trappings and appreciate seemingly simpler times.

Patrons are inspired to don their dancing shoes by professionals like the The Dreamland Follies and Roddy Caravella and the Canarsie Wobblers while anyone is welcome to cut a rug to hot-jazz in the summer heat. Accompaniment provided of course, via the musical stylings  of Michael Arenella and the Dreamland orchestra, Jazz vocalist Queen Esther or Pianist Peter Mintun.

The real attraction at the fête? The clothing. Whether dressing for the occasion or treating vintage wear as a lifestyle, those in attendance are ready to show off their spiffy duds. Scroll on, you’ll find these feeds are the cat’s meow.

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