Instagrammers to Follow for a #Simplified 2018

 An oft-cited IKEA survey found that 1 in 3 customers get greater satisfaction from organizing their closet than having sex. If you’re among the 33% of IKEA shoppers who’d rather organize than orgasm, this is for you.

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Amanda Carter

📍 Location: Britain | 📊  Followers: 5,495


Caroline Dilbeck

📍 Location: Nashville, TN | 📊  Followers: 3,167


Rachel Rosenthal

📍 Location: Washington, DC | 📊  Followers: 6,303


Amanda LeBlanc

📍 Location: Birmingham, AL | 📊  Followers: 6,673


Nialya Suarez

📍 Location: Atlanta, GA | 📊  Followers: 81,603


With plenty of drawers and slots, the Extra Large Cosmetic Storage Case from Sorbus
Beauty allows you to live by the mantra: a place for everything and everything in its place.