Shore Things: Beach Vibes You Need Right Now


Sometimes you just want something beautiful to look at. We get you. After all, we spend our days crunching numbers, sharing photos, and playing with data, and we come across a lot of visual gems. They’re the sort of feeds we @tag each other in, and look at for the vibes they emit.

Because we’re all about the thrill of the find, we’re sharing them with you. Meet Gramlist Vibes, a roundup of what we’re looking at when we want a certain feeling. (We ask our guest editors to share theirs, so it’s only fair we do it ourselves every so often, right?) What are we vibing with most recent content today? Beach homes. There is nothing as relaxing as a cottage by the ocean, whether in classic Cape Cod or laid-back Cali. Scroll through these feeds and soon you’ll be hearing the waves crash and feeling the salt sea spray on your sun-kissed skin. Can you say weekend getaway?

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