It’s easy to forget that in the midst of aerial avocado toast shots and staged #plandids, there still exist Instagram accounts dedicated to shining a light on truth. Here are our picks for the best anonymous accounts that exist to do just that.

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Diet Prada

What it does: As the Guardian put it, “Diet Prada’s methods are simple. Photographs of new designs are juxtaposed with images of older, all-too-similar work. Followers are invited to ‘tsk tsk’ along in the comments. Embarrassment ensues.”

 📊Followers: 517,766



What it does: Quoth Revelist, it’s “dedicated to documenting every instance of celebrity Photoshop on Instagram, and oh man, the Kardashians are huge fans of the erase tool.”

📊Followers: 347,000


Diet Madison Avenue

What it does: Per the New York Times, functions as “advertising’s visual version of the Google spreadsheet that circulated last fall with the names of men in the media industry who had been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior.” It has since disbanded to become a nonprofit.

📊Followers: 721

Follow: @fashionassistants

Fashion Assistants

What it does: According to Harper’s Bazaar, the account “was established in December 2017 and features the accounts of numerous fashion assistants who have allegedly been mistreated by their workplace seniors, be it designers or editors.”

📊Followers: 15,792


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