Insta-Poets You Haven’t Read Yet

You all follow @rupikaur__, and of course @cleowade. But here’s five poets you might not follow, who still make the grade.

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Samantha Jayne

📊 Followers: 136,291
The millennial-minded actress/illustrator/poet creates humorously illustrated verses for the perennially broke, woke and avocado toast-inclined. She published her first collection, Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry, in 2016.

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Ruchita Bahl
📊 Followers: 5,685
Expect a library of hand-written poems on binder-clipped pages from this poet, who writes under the pen name Aarbe. Her debut collection, Hermit in a Yellow Robe: Little Book on Aphorisms, came out last year.

Natalie Jensen
📊 Followers: 49,071
We know little about this poet other than her Myers-Briggs personality type (INFP) and that she’s a self-described “compulsive dreamer, poetry lover & potty mouth.” But trust us: She’s worth a follow.

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Gareth Egan
📊 Followers: 103,475
Typewritten verses and nude figures form the Insta-aesthetic of this poet, whose book, The Chaos In-Between, already sold out in a 5,000-copy print run. But fret not: it’ll soon be available through major retailers. In the meantime, you can buy prints and t-shirts on his website.

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Nikita Gill
Followers: 379,142
The British-Indian writer, who has been compared to fellow Indian poet Rupi Kaur, released her book, Wild Embers, last year.



Love Quarter Life Poetry’s take on the difficulties of #adulting? Put one of her poems on a mug—or a shirt, or a tote bag.