Guest Editor: The Haiku Guys

As “performance poets” for hire at parties and events, The Haiku Guys have made their name composing poetry on the fly for attendees. But you won’t see any tablets or Macbooks here: instead, the poets write with brightly colored antique typewriters.

With over 15 poets in their roster, a party with The Haiku Guys (or Gals, for lady-centric events) is a truly unique experience. Past clients have included Google, Lululemon, The W Hotel, Steve Madden, and Glenlivet.

Though their art is refreshingly analog, we asked them to fill us in on some of their favorite Instagram accounts.

Say The Haiku Guys + Gals:

We are a company of international performance poets. We primarily send our artists to events to write custom poetry on antique typewriters, but we also curate stage poetry performances, host our own events, and do custom commissioned creative and poetic projects for clients worldwide.

Because of the hybrid nature of our work what inspires us is the realms where the event industry, entrepreneurship, and art cross orbits. We also use Instagram to stay connected with fans of our works, and some of our favorite clients. It truly is a place that you can make genuine connections still!

postcards from beyond —
pinpricks show you other worlds
to hold in your palms

When we want to see inspiring poets on the best stage in NYC we look at…


Because Bowery Poetry is our favorite club in town and never ceases to amaze us. 

Followers: 3,335

When we want poetic fashion inspo, we look at…


Because it is our not-so-secret dream to have our Haiku Gals draped in their ruffles and lace asap.

Followers: 648,661

When we want to see gorgeous lifestyle snapshots we visit…


Because it has florals, celebrities, exotic locales, and decadent treats.

Followers: 8,011

When we want perfect love poems, we visit…


Because he knows how to be sweet as pie without hurting your teeth.

Followers: 344,586

When we want to stalk the coolest hotels in Manhattan we look at…


Because they have the best design, events, views, and people.

Followers: 18,738

When we want suits, we only want to look at…


Because they make completely custom suits for any gender and they’ve suited us to perfection. 

Followers: 3,868

When we’re about to travel for a performance, or just want to dream of our next trip, we look at…


Because we are all about minimum baggage, maximum adventure. 

Followers: 188,670

When we want to think about getting married we look at…


Because they, like us, will do anything for love. 

Followers: 37,856

When we want to see the best contemporary, modern, street, and pop art we always look at…


Because they’re just the best, period, and a great way to discover new artists. 

Followers: 366,518

When we are feeling thirsty, fiery, and feminist (which is always) we look at…


Because they are our heroes in all ways and it is delicious.

Followers: 11,203


Inspired to write a haiku of your own? The 102 Journal, written by the Haiku Guys, will offer you all the creative prompts and poetic inspiration you need to get started.