Guest Editor: Pour This x The Gramlist

When picking out a wine, you face two main obstacles: the first is navigating the differences that infuse that magical elixir in the bottle, of which there are plenty. The second is not looking like an uninformed dork while you do it. Whether the occasion calls for sweats on the couch or something hit-on-me worthy for a dinner party, you need to be educated.

Enter Pour This.

It’s a wine delivery service—(we’ll spare you the “It’s the Warby Parker of booze!” but the comparison does help)—started by Ashley Ragovin, a serious oeneophile who single-handedly selects wines and ships them nationally.

Next time you need some sauce immediately, hit up Pour This. And check founder Ashley’s favorite feeds, right here, while you wait.

Says Ashley:

Food and wine has been my life the past several years, and I recently launched my own online wine retail concept, Pour This. I am a story chaser as much as a wine lover, so bringing the narrative element of Pour This to life is so important. It’s largely been possible thanks to Instagram. But for a while, I wrote off Instagram a a waste of time because I love books, and believe it or not, I’m technologically challenged.

Once I joined the community, I realized how important, enriching, valuable it is for discovery. I  have found tons of creative inspiration, discovered amazing art, music, food and people. I have made actual friends in this space! Plus, it’s been a huge tool in branding Pour This and developing an authentic voice and aesthetic for my company.

I came to the party late—I only joined Instagram in 2014—but it’s instrumental to my business, a creative space, a source of design inspiration, and a total time suck! I’ve actually made a rule that I do not look at Instagram in bed otherwise I will be up till 3 AM. I also give myself permission to break this rule once a month…So, these are the feeds I creep on late night and can’t live without.

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