Guest Editor: honeygrow

Started in Philadelphia back in 2012, honeygrow is founder Justin Rosenberg’s answer to the lack of healthy, high quality, simple and wholesome foods in the fast casual dining market. Now, the group has expanded to new locations—including Pittsburgh, DC and NYC—and plenty of new offerings on their stir fry-based menu.

We had the chance to chat with Kyle Huff, Digital Content Curator for the Philly-based restaurant group. Apart from managing the social media channels for @honeygrow and their new urban concept, @hgminigrow, Kyle also works closely with community partners and fellow photographers to build and sustain long lasting, positive relationships within each community honeygrow calls home.

Use your noodle and read on for the feeds that inspire Kyle.

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Says Kyle:

I’m a firm believer of the “everybody should know everybody” philosophy, and I take that approach to each new city I enter with honeygrow. Through in-person tasting events, photowalks or Instagram meet-ups, my goal is to make social media social again, bringing people together through the lens of nourishing foods. To keep up with the various cities we’re a part of, there are a few select feeds I turn to daily to stay informed on the best places to eat, events to attend or scenes to see in each town.

When I want to check out what’s happening in Boston, I look at…


Run by Boston University student @kateweiser, this account provides a full rundown of the best places to eat, drink, stay + explore in Boston. Oh, and her feed is full of gorgeous shots of the city, too.

Location: Boston, MA

Followers: 12,566

When I’m longing for scenes from Chicago, I look at…


A member of the @igerschicago crew + part of the @passionpassport team, Eliott’s feed is consistently gorgeous + packed with quality photos of Chicago. He’s also an excellent tour guide for any first-time visitors!

Location: Chicago, IL

Followers: 48,656

When I’m looking for Boston’s best food, I check out…


Brittany has a consistently updated feed filled with the best bites Boston has to offer. Be it pizza, ice cream, sushi, steak or our favorite, stir-fry, @bostonfoodjournal is your one-stop-shop for the latest + greatest in Boston food.

Location: Boston, MA

Followers: 25,217

When I’m looking for a new restaurant to check out in the Windy City, I look at…


Fans of all varieties of food, @honeygrow included, the @chicagofoodauthority team is constantly updating with new cafes, restaurants + bars to scope out in all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Location: Chicago, IL

Followers: 184,528

When I’m searching for some DC dining insights, I turn to…

A post shared by DC Nomster (@dcnomster) on


Don’t look at this feed on an empty stomach, otherwise you’ll come away STARVING for DC’s most delicious, inventive + indulgent eateries.

Location: Washington, DC


When I’m looking for upcoming Instagram meet-ups in The District, I turn to…

A post shared by holly garner (@golightly) on


The DC Instagram community flows through @IGDC, which is managed by Holly (@golightly) Garner plus a few other local creatives. She’s always looking for the best ways to bring the community together, including a photowalk which ends at @honeygrow.

Location: Washington, DC

Followers: 75,034

When I’m looking for a “locals only” look at the Baltimore food scene, I look at…


It’s not all about crabs covered in Old Bay — Baltimore’s food scene is evolving + @eatmorebaltimore is on the front lines to show you what to eat + where to eat it.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Followers: 31,197

When I want to see the latest additions, I look at…


Run by @alexa_gaines + @luciecamp, The Bmore Creatives account spotlights the ever-increasing creative scene in Charm City. New restaurants, upcoming events, local artists — it’s all found here.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Followers: 23,623

When I want to see Pittsburgh in all its glory, I head over to…


Part Instagram community, part curated art gallery, @steelcitygrammers showcases Pittsburgh through local eyes — challenging me to scope out new spots for photos during my next visit.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Followers: 28,991

When I want to check-in on the Pittsburgh food scene, I look at…


A great way to keep up on the delicious changes occurring around Pittsburgh is to hit up @goodfoodpgh. The best part? Their coverage extends into the booming craft beer industry as well. Check them out next time you’re looking for something to eat (or drink) in the Steel City.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Followers: 25,216

When I’m looking for the best of the best in the New York food scene paired with a side of ‘cute’, I look at…

A post shared by Food Baby (@foodbabyny) on


Run by our friend @mikejchau, this unique feed pairs glamour shots of food with cute photos of his kids to create an Instagram tour de force. Bonus: Mike’s insights on food are really, really on point + haven’t steered me wrong yet!

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 267,172

When I’m searching for urban art inspiration, I turn to…


Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, this mural collective features a rotating roster of some of New York’s (+ the world’s) top artists, and I constantly reference their feed when looking for potential artists to work with in @honeygrow or @hgminigrow locations!

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Followers: 106,693

Taking it back to Philly

When I want to scope out some overlooked entries into the robust Philadelphia dining scene, I pull up the…


Jam packed with unadulterated deliciousness, the @cityoffoodidelphia crew is always up on the newest, hottest + most satisfying Philadelphia food trends.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Followers: 56,373

When I want to see what’s happening in Philly’s creative community, I turn to…

A post shared by Conrad Benner (@streetsdept) on


If there is one “must follow” account in Philly, @streetsdept is it. A featured artist in two honeygrow locations, Conrad Benner is the brains behind Streets Dept, a blog highlighting street art, community activism + Philly in general.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Followers: 139,050


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