Guest Editor: Cricket’s Circle x The Gramlist

Mother’s Day officially comes once a year—May 8th, friendly reminder—but for moms, they’re on duty every other 364 as well. That’s why having a trusted circle of experts, friends, and other moms who keep it real is so important, and exactly what makes Cricket’s Circle such an inviting place. It’s basically the Internet version of your cool mom friend’s living room where everyone goes to #realtalk about what to buy (or not), new cool stuff to know now, and pass around wisdom.

In CEO Rachel Blumenthal’s inner Instagram circle? Fellow moms and creative companies you should know. But we’ll let her introduce you to them here…

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A few things to know about Rachel Blumenthal, CEO of Cricket’s Circle:
She’s an NYC mom of two—Griffin (5), Gemma (11 months)—and the CEO of Cricket’s Circle, the shoppable short answer for modern parents. She launched the site to solve the what-to-buy conundrum she encountered during her first pregnancy. Moms rely on the blog for expert milestone advice, celebrity interviews, and kids fashion picks.

In Rachel’s own words:
I’m highly visual, so I love Instagram. I find it an endless source of inspiration, procrastination, and discovery. The number of screen shots in my photo roll is endless. Here are a few of my favorite Insta-moms, and the gifts you should be buying them!