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As we look ahead to celebrating Thanksgiving, we’re also looking at Camilla Marcus, a native Angeleno and adopted New Yorker, committed not only to bridging her two favorite cities, but also giving back to the community. With the launch of west~bourne, an accidentally vegetarian and decidedly mindful concept launching this fall in Soho, Camilla cultivates her passions for design and dishes along with the deals and dirt it’s all built upon to make an impact.

An artist and cook at heart with a background in business development, law, and investing, Camilla has helped bring to life some of New York’s beloved neighborhood restaurants, including dell’anima, Riverpark, and the reopened Union Square Café.  She is also an investor and founding member of The Wing and recently catered their Soho location opening.

Formerly working for NYC restaurant heavyweight Danny Meyer as the Director of Business Development for Union Square Hospitality Group, Camilla has also worked in real estate investing for Colony Capital and CIM Group. With west~bourne, she is now both the investor and the entrepreneur, committed to rethinking what it means to be a good neighbor through the lens of hospitality.

At west~bourne, through a partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, a portion of every single purchase goes to fund hospitality retraining with a local organization, The Door, and will be hiring from that very program to build the team.

Along with all the do-gooding, there’s tasty 1960s cali inspired food on the menu, already making most anticipated restaurant lists from Grubstreet to the Zagat.

Read on to see the feeds that inspire Camilla, and make sure to pop into west~bourne, opening at 137 Sullivan Street the first week of December.

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Says Camilla:

I’m a very visual person and love art, so Instagram for me is a beautiful and accessible storytelling medium that I weave into multiple parts of my day as a way to get inspired, spark creativity, and learn from others. These feeds speak to the various facets of my life—creative, analytical, nostalgic, and personal—and the Los Angeles ethos of balanced wellness, free spirit, community care, and a little bit of irreverence that defines west~bourne.

When I’m homesick for California I look at…

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I look at Scribe Winery’s feed so I can stay connected to my favorite vineyard and feel not so far away from the west coast. I’ve been a member of Scribe’s wine club for almost a decade, and it just embodies everything I love about California—warmth, creativity, community, mindfulness, nature, irreverence.

Their collaborations and local programs are remarkable and bring people together with earnest passion to weave a cool collective. They have a one-of-a-kind perspective and welcoming hospitality, and with the new stunning, historically restored Hacienda, it’s a haven and home you never want to leave.

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When I want perspective, I look at…


I almost exclusively read non-fiction biographies because I think reality is even more layered, fascinating, and awe-inspiring than anything we could attempt to make up. I get a visual version of this with Brandon Stanton’s feed. I deeply admire what Brandon has done to illuminate each person’s story, making the ordinary into something heroic and to unite strangers across the city with what links us all, being human.

West~bourne proudly partners with the Robin Hood Foundation to give a portion of every single purchase to a local non-profit called The Door in Soho to fund hospitality retraining, and we are hiring from that very program to build our team. I was so excited to hear that Brandon was recently honored by The Door as a major change agent in forging important and meaningful connections within our community, all through beautiful and authentic storytelling. To me, it just goes to show that each of us has to power to make an impact on our neighbors, in whatever capacity we choose each and every day.

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When I’m needing some creative inspiration, I look at…


She can turn something as simple as a pen line into something extraordinary that says much more than meets the eye. Through her lens, she can make the corner of a studio look like a slice of heaven. The talented artist, Carly Kuhn, has done my reverse pilgrimage as a born New Yorker who lives in Los Angeles.

Her signature mark is the “journey of a line” series evokes the “~” tilda in west~bourne which to us symbolizes the journey each of us experiences every day and wanting to be an impactful part of that. In fact, Carly will be doing a special installation on our windows for our opening, which we are so humbled by and can’t wait to see brought to life in just a few short weeks!

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When I need some girl power, I look at…

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When I need some girl power, I look at Ramona’s collection of no holds barred images. The founder Jordan Salcito is a real life wonder woman, an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and beverage boss. Their tagline—it’s “wine but cooler” free from rules, dinner tables, and bottle openers—serves as a constant reminder to think outside of the box and challenge convention. Take the road less traveled and see what’s on the other side.

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When I want to see the world through rose colored glasses, I look at…


Nicole Franzen’s collection of selects through her work, life, meals, and travels. I was an artist growing up and still dabble in drawing and painting, but one thing I never quite explored but love deeply is photography.

Nicole’s subtle, complex, and luscious images give me pause, awakening all five senses, and evoke the aesthetic I wish I could capture when I see things and snap a photo. And, her food photos are next level, with a lovely grace that’s absolutely captivating. I’ve been following her for a long time, and I have to pinch myself as I’m getting a dream wish come true to collaborate with her on west~bourne once we open.

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When I have a case of wanderlust, which is often, I look to…


He’s a pioneer, a dreamer, and a hard working entrepreneur, always ready for the next incredible experience and taking on a new challenge. Whether it’s the cobblestones in Soho, a new restaurant opening in LA, the view out of a plane to his next destination, or a drive through a desert oasis, he’s who I turn to for my next bucket list adventure and to remember there’s a big world out there waiting to be explored.

Getting to experience the other worldly magic he creates first-hand at the Spring Street Social Society events is a true gift. Never not hustling, always curious, and constantly creating living art, he reminds me to keep reaching for the stars.

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When I want to get pumped up, I look at…

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Liv Young has created an incredible workout that’s the ultimate balance – boxing and yoga, fight and flow. Though it doesn’t come naturally to me, I try to stay active and integrate fitness into my routine. This class has helped me truly let go and leave feeling spent and centered.

The patron saint, legend Muhammad Ali, along with the other images and quotes peppered into their playful feed give me that extra jolt I need each morning to bring my all, my whole heart, and everything I have to the day. Anything is possible: breathe, believe, achieve.

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When I need a new closet staple, I turn to…


Industry Standard. Made in downtown LA, this fashion brand is reinventing the classics, tees and jeans, with the highest integrity and a direct to consumer strategy that bucks tradition. Quality without breaking the bank is hard to find, and when you do you never let go. Plus I love getting to peek at what others are custom embroidering, good vibes only being a recent favorite. Sometimes less can really be more.

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When I need my sign read, I turn to…


Nadine Jane Astrology. It’s a visual masterpiece and serves as daily guidance through the constellations. As a native of LA, I absolutely believe strongly in astrology and the power of the universe around us, if we listen carefully and see the signals all around. I for one am a true Aries through and through.

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When I want to seriously food nerd out, I look at…

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Life & Thyme. I love how they give a raw and lovely behind the scenes look at personal culinary stories to where ingredients are sourced, and everything in between. Culinary school was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, and I have the utmost respect and regard for those that live life on the line. I could read about what inspires and makes a chef tick all day long.

A favorite L&T story was about one of my great mentors and friends @michaelanthony and his longtime Chef de Cuisine Howard Kalachnikoff around Gramercy Tavern’s 22nd anniversary. GT is a coveted institution in New York City, seemingly everyone’s favorite living room, and I’ve always been inspired by Mike’s focus on developing his team and nurturing talent.

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In the spirit of the season, today we are thinking about giving instead of getting. Help support west~bourne’s local NYC charity partner the Robin Hood Foundation by making a donation today.