On The Menu: Snapchat’s Most Delicious Foodies This Week

It’s a bummer phone screens aren’t scratch ’n’ sniff: These food-heavy Snap feeds are constantly serving up the freshest, most drool-worthy #foodporn.

But these are not feeds full of fanned out avocados or delicately layered Mason jar parfaits. Nope—they’re packed with unfiltered deliciousness, captured in real time. And considering their loyal fan bases, you might say there’s a craving for something a little more…raw.

Whether these feeds have an insatiable appetite for keeping up with food trends, or their bread and butter’s more about local cuisine, they all keep one ingredient in the mix: great taste. And just in time for lunch…

Here, meet the most delicious foodies of Snapchat right now.

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Not to play into stereotypes, but when someone’s eating for two, we take their opinions doubly seriously. Case in point: Erica Eckman, the mama-to-be who’s enjoying everything the Chicago culinary scene has to offer, while bringing her followers along for the ride. It’s enough to make someone want to book a ticket to O’Hare.

Side dish: Erica also blogs about beauty secrets, baby-shower tips, and pregnancy realness.


Location: Chicago, IL

Instagram Followers: 50.1k


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You know you’ve got the world’s attention when the New York Times’ “Style” section writes about you—and with good reason. This feed isn’t merely a celebration of indulgence. It’s about embracing body positivity, not unthinkably beautiful plating. Started by six girlfriends before they left for college—hence the feed’s name—you’ll find an aggregation of the best in OTT cuisine.

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Location: Boca Raton, FL

Instagram Followers: 153k


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On the menu at this anonymously run waterfall-of-deliciousness is food as shock value. Exhibit A: a birthday cake made of hamburgers; B: waffle cones baked from cookie dough; C: deep-dish pizza stuffed with more pizza.

Nothing’s off-limits, as the bio reads: “Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!”

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Instagram Followers: 34.8k


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This feed launched from humble beginnings. Joe Castro quietly used Instagram as a way to hold himself accountable as he tried to eat better, workout more, and drop some weight. But as is the way in social-media land, people caught on, including the L.A.-based team at Quest Nutrition (makers of low-sugar, high-protein bars that are wildly popular among bodybuilders). Joe was recruited to develop recipes using the company’s full range of products, and his results show up on @QuestCooking. And, of course, they’re on his Snap—a free-flowing look at what it’s like to eat healthfully but tastefully.

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Location: Inland Empire, CA

Followers: 30.4k


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Julie Wampler doesn’t mince words, or recipes—she’s honest about starting her blog as a way to widely distribute her quick, healthy recipes to friends and family after dinner parties, instead of copying and pasting e-mails. Only thing is, a bunch of strangers—aka the Internet, including Refinery29, the Huffington Post, and Anderson Cooper—caught on, and Julie’s site became a catchall for food and travel adventures. Bon appétit, indeed.

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Location: Washington, D.C.

Instagram Followers: 15.4k