Guest Editor: Foodie Magician

Known for smooth performance skills and entertaining magical feats, Josh Beckerman, aka the Foodie Magician, has mastered the art of combining his passions: magic and NYC restaurant hopping. His exploits are documented not only on Instagram, but also at NYC Foodie where he shares his daily top restaurant picks. From noodles and Omakase feasts, to cheesy pasta and pizza goals Beckerman is living the dream.

How does the regular restaurateur incorporate his act with each meal? His uncanny talents involve mind reading to find out fellow patron’s favorite dining destinations. It’s no surprise his charms and mouthwatering feed have landed him guest spots on The Rachel Ray Show as well as features in The New York Times, and Glamour Magazine.

Read on for a taste of Josh’s favorite feeds.

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Says Josh:

I am inspired by a variety and eclectic array of accounts and industries. From food and fashion, to entertainment and comedy, I love it all!


 When I want to see beautiful cocktails and drinks I look at…


I don’t drink that much, but one look at @thirsty and you’ll want to have a cocktail. They make cocktails look beautiful.

Followers: 116,595

When I want to look at architecture and design I look at…


I love architecture and design, and this is a nice extension of their magazine.

Followers: 2,189,410

When I wanna look at funny memes , I look at…

A post shared by thefatjewish (@thefatjewish) on


I laugh every time.

Followers: 10,117,544

When I want to see funny videos, I look at…

A post shared by Elliot Tebele ( on

You will loves these videos just as much as I do.

Followers: 1,728,042

When I want to see a chef that knows great food and how to have fun, I look at…

A post shared by Josh Capon (@chefcapon) on


Chef Josh Capon is a great chef, helming some of NYC’s great restaurants (Lure, Bowery Meat Co.) He also has fun while he does it. Love him.

Followers: 28,786

When I want to see beautiful destinations, I look at…


I love traveling, these pictures inspire me.

Followers: 9,745,449

When I want to see amazing close up magic, I look at…

A post shared by Shin Lim (@shinlimmagic) on


I’m a professional magician, but Shin Lim is next level. Best sleight of hand artist I’ve seen. #mindblowing

Followers: 111,445

If I want to see a cool af world traveler, I look at…


My inspiration. I’m like Anthony Bourdain, except I do magic.

Followers: 2,494,923

If I want to see someone eating more decadently than me, I look at…

A post shared by Shu Chowdhury (@shuchowdhury) on


I love eating amazing meals, but my friend Shu (founder of @salidonyc) eats more amazing meals then me. Sometimes three amazing dinners a night. #godbless

Followers: 2,651

If I want to see a master sushi chef, I look at…


My favorite sushi chef, David’s Sushi by Bou, is an amazing $50 omakase. Follow his daily sushi making adventures.

Followers: 10,813

When I need to be inspired to work out, I look at…


Her instagram is mainly her working out, and she looks good too. I hope for her to train me one day!

Followers: 15,895

When I want to learn a good recipe, I look at…


Frank owns the great NYC restaurants Frank, Supper, and Lil Frankies. He cooks on his instagram stories and it’s a treat to watch.

Followers: 27,753

When I want to see someone who smokes a lot of weed and eats well, I look at…

A post shared by Action Bronson (@bambambaklava) on


Action Bronson smokes tons of weed, raps, and eats a lot. My spirit animal.

Followers: 1,211,488

When I want to see beautiful events, I look at…

A post shared by Colin Cowie (@colincowie) on


One of the top event producers in the world, he knows how to produce a beautiful event. I’ve been honored to have entertained at a few of them.

Followers: 31,129


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