Visual Interview: 5 Foodies’ Absolute Favorite Food

We’re trying something new over at the Gramlist, and it’s a sort-of hybridized pursuit: we’re asking five people we love one question, and soliciting replies in photo form. Hitting up five foodies, we wondered, “What’s your desert island food? The one dish you wouldn’t live without, that you’d eat day after day?”

After almost two years writing about the people powering this crazy visual platform (whose Stories are now more popular than Snap), we’re talking with them. So here goes: our first visual interview.

Bon app, y’all.

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Why we love her: Pun really, truly not intended, she’s an incredibly seasoned food writer and recipe developer. Her first cookbook’s due this October. We’re already hungry.

Her pick: “I know it’s boring, but honestly nothing makes me happier than a perfectly charred, lightly sauced, salty, cheesy pizza.”

Also in pizza news, Alison’s photo drew our attention to S.A.D., an annual “dance party for seasonally affected snowflakes” co-hosted by one of our other favorite foodies, @MollieChen. This year, the event raised over $32,000 for Planned Parenthood. Damn.

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Why we love him: There truly are few people we’d rather be spending Coachella weekend with. The antidote to crowds, posturing, peacocking, over-imbibing might be holing up at Gerry Speirs’s Long Beach home, where the stay-at-home father of two keeps it humble and real via his blog.

His pick: “This pasta is made with a lemon goat cheese sauce which is amazing. Usually I’d use cheddar or Fontina but the goat cheese has an incredible flavor!”

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Why we love her: she’s a new mama and a lawyer who makes time to create and photograph these wondrous creations—she found time to tell us about her favorite.

Her pick: “My favorite—at least currently on my Instagram!—would be pasta. I can just never get enough of pasta and all its variations, and I love that when it’s done right it has everything—carbs, greens, protein. But mostly carbs. :)”

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Why we love her: The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we regard cooking (and everything else), and Lindsay Freedman’s making the most of the raw, real-time capabilities: every Tuesday and Friday, she cooks live on YouTube.

Her pick: “I think my desert island food would be these perfectly gooey brownies because the double chocolate would energize me to live that island life and the gooiness would make the deserted island not so lonely “

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Why we love her: On top of the actual food ideas, one great thing about Ashley Rodriguez is the way she sets up the recipe. Through anecdotes, both personal and professional, you get why she wanted to make something, not just how. That thoughtfulness is precisely why we so love the simplicity of her desert-island food choice.

Her pick: “Cheeseburgers. There is something about a classic cheeseburger—not too much meat, thick sliced tomato, crispy iceberg lettuce, piquant pickles and a secret sauce heavy on the mustard and relish.”

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The last spatula you’ll ever need—seriously. Some genius in Le Creuset’s marketing department even named it, simply, The Revolution. We’re talking about that sexy, curved, straight-edged number in the front. No brownie batter left behind.