Good Eats: Insta Savvy Nutritionists

There are those that use January 1 as the marker to overhaul their diet, and then there are those that make it a priority all year round. As Thanksgiving, a holiday practically dedicated to gluttony, inches closer, we’re taking a look at influencers who make it a point to get their greens in, even during the upcoming feast filled season of festivities.

Wellness has seemingly taken over Instagram—and society as a whole—in the past year. As detox teas and waist trainers abound, not to mention #fitchicks promoting their fit guides with every post, it’s smart to vet through the endless surge of Insta gurus. We combed through avocado emojis and acai bowls, to find certified nutritionists and dietitians on Instagram.

The terms “nutritionist” and “dietician” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are different professions. Becoming a registered dietician (RD) requires some more formal education, but nutritionists can earn their certified nutrition specialist (CNS) credential as well. Now when you see all those fancy letters lined up in Instagram bios, you’ll know they’re legit.

Read on for some #mealprepsunday and #healthyfoodshare inspiration.

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Jacqueline Alwill is a nutritionist and personal trainer who hails from Australia. Her blog, Brown Paper Bag features content that ranges from what to eat on a low FODMAP diet to recipes for delectable-looking dishes, like a honey almond loaf.

📍 Location: Australia | 📊  Followers: 73,575


Another Australian with a passion for nutrition, Rebecca Gawthorne is a dietician who provides useful content on her blog, like this guide on portion sizes. When she’s not working, she’s enjoying the Sydney sun.

📍 Location: Sydney, AU | 📊  Followers: 146,023


Shira Lenchewski is a registered dietitian whose nutrition expertise has been featured in publications such as Bon Appétit and Refinery29. The Food Therapist, Lenchewski’s book on breaking bad habits and creating a good relationship with food, is out February 2018.

📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Followers: 24,730


Mia Syn is a registered dietician, blogger, and on-air TV host. She shares her food and lifestyle tips on her show, Good Food Friday on ABC’s Lowcountry Live.

📍 Location: Charleston, SC | 📊  Followers: 34,522

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A New Englander who recently relocated to the south, Cait is a registered dietician with a passion for living a well-balanced life. Her blog, Cait’s Plate, features both seasonal recipes and lifestyle updates.

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