Female Gallerists Curating Your Feed

The lines of the art world are blurrier than ever—and we aren’t referring just to the tearing down of the whitebox gallery walls. As long as you have a space—a tiny apartment, a street-level store-front, or a 50,000-square-foot complex—you can let your instinct and taste be your guide. Today, we’re looking at five women who are eschewing the traditional gallerina image for something entirely personal. And thanks to their Instagram deftness, you can peek right into their worlds.

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When she’s not serving as gallery director at Patrick Parrish, Zoe Alexander Fisher’s sourcing artists for her own project, HANDJOB gallery whose mission is less X-rated: here, handjob takes the most literal meaning: handmade, and Zoe’s artists are creating pieces that are both useful and artistic. Challenging the idea that high-end isn’t useful, and that useful objects aren’t high-end art led to the addition of the 99¢ Plus Gallery. This summer’s Plant Show saw interpretations on what constitutes a plant vessel or vase.

Location: Patrick Parrish and HANDJOB Gallery 

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Gallerist Meredith Rosen and her partner Aleggra LaViola aren’t related to the rebel artist John Singer Sargent, but their mission continues his legacy of tradition in subject matter but experimentation in method. The Chinatown gallery’s focused on painting and drawing, and one of Meredith’s favorite shows has been the Cy Gabin exhibition. Her own feed could be classified as art history, as she posts in-studio portraits of creators at work, innovative moments in art history and other shows she’s recently seen.

Location: Sargent’s Daughters 

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Michele Maccarone has the distinction of being a gallerist at every scale. She rose through the ranks at big-time gallery Luhring Augustine to become its director, then struck out on her own in a worn-in space on Canal in 2001 before moving to a proper sprawl on Greenwich. Now, she’s in LA, presiding over a 50,000-foot “complex” for shows, shopping, and living.


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While Michele Maccarone is going big, Ellie Rines is thinking tiny. Like, 64 square feet of exhibition space at the front of her own apartment at 56 Henry. She has likened her set-up to a shop that’s one thing in the front and another in the back. The micro-gallery move worked, but it wasn’t her plan—a Restoration Hardware building purchase forced her out of her original Gansevoort space with a month’s notice and a year’s worth of programming scheduled.

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A whitebox space and a big budget do not a gallery make. Proof is Tamara Weg who manages art for Etsy, arguably one of the most flexibly-minded art shops the world has right now. It’s quite literally her job to know what’s happened in the past and chart accessible art consuming in the future.

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Wacky alien handcrafted vessels by Chicago-based ceramacist Manal Kara, sold at Zoe’s 99¢ Plus Gallery.