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“Fashion is the last true democracy!” It was a line we overheard at a neighboring dinner table last night, and while everyone laughed, maybe there’s some truth to it. Influence now goes all ways instead of being an oligarchy. (The greatest cinematic burn of all time  comes to mind as an explanation of the latter.) Isn’t the opinion of the wearers—the people—and the ways they mix styles, labels and brands, a more trusted endorsement? Thanks to the great global platform that is the Internet, fashion feels more egalitarian than ever. Get to know five women who have turned their international cities into real runways.

And on that note, a great soundtrack is in order. May this micro-playlist to inspire you to walk like a Michael Kors SS ’13 model.
Tei Shi—Bassically
Noah Cyrus and Labrinth—Make Me (Cry)
Chromatics—Girls Just Want to Have Some

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There is a lot to learn—much more than style—from Mama Càx, Brooklyn-born and raised between Haiti and Montreal. She beat a cancer diagnosis and now has a prosthetic right leg. She started this new year with an Aristotle quote: “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” 

Location: Tunisia, South Africa

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Elastic waistbands for all! Vote “yes” for pink! Grazia for all your Fashion Assistant envy needs!

Location: Hamburg, Germany

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Photographer, Dreamer, INFP—that’s a Myers-Briggs personality type. Hijab wearer.

Location: Birmingham, England

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Reese Blutstein. What came first, her retro-leaning style or that graphic-novel-heroine name?

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Running on a platform of layered outerwear and leather loafers in snow.

Location: Montreal, Canada

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Nail color from J. Hannah, a cult jewelry designer who created 11 shades with the same patina and shine as her sculptural pieces.