Every Single Person in Drake’s “Nice For What” Video

Drake nearly broke the Internet last week when he dropped both the song and the video for his new single “Nice For What.” The video, directed by 22-year-old filmmaker Karena Evans and starring 16 iconic women, has already reached over 8 million views.

Below, a list of every single woman tapped by Champagne Papi to make an appearance, ranked from lowest to highest Instagram following.

#niceforwhat #anthem #songofthesummer #ovo


Bria Vinaite, actress

📊 Followers: 87,669


Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, models

📊 Followers: 107,261


Syd, musician

📊 Followers: 407,729


Letitia Wright, actress

📊 Followers: 876,763


Misty Copeland, dancer

📊 Followers: 1,566,546


Issa Rae, actress/writer/director

📊 Followers: 1,899,637


Zoe Saldana, actress

📊 Followers: 2,191,931


Yara Shahidi, actress/activist

📊 Followers: 2,241,168


Jourdan Dunn, model

📊 Followers: 2,272,672


Tiffany Haddish, comedian

📊 Followers: 2,413,856


Olivia Wilde, actress

📊 Followers: 2,766,704


Michelle Rodriguez, actress

📊 Followers: 4,382,295


Tracee Ellis Ross, actress

📊 Followers: 4,431,039


Emma Roberts, actress

📊 Followers:11,820,870


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