En Route to the #MetGala

“Fashion’s Superbowl” (that’s an Oprah-ism, by the way) really seems like high school: your social life lives and dies at the behest of one person with too much power. You obsess over a single dress you know will get photographed to death, and the people in your limo are probably the people you’ll be sneaking cigarettes with in the bathroom later that night. Rather than give you the same old fashion and beauty roundup, we’ve combed Instagram for the dozen best stories and posts en route to the event itself. And don’t worry: the stories may disappear, but we have all the receipts.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Date
Andy Cohen
Bravo’s BMOC
Followers: 2.4 million
Sure, there were literal busloads of celebs from Prabal Gurung and Diane von Furstenberg’s tables. But there’s just something about the thought of SJP and Andy living it up from the backseat of a van, trying to hold up the actress’ headpiece. Plus, you gotta give it to Andy for putting up with SJP’s train all night.

2 Chainz’s Date
Nakesha Ward
Followers: 3,131
Of course the rapper made sure these pre-gala moments were heavily documented: Shortly thereafter, THEY GOT ENGAGED ON THE RED CARPET.

John Boyega’s Date
Letitia Wright
Followers: 1.1 milion
The British actors have been friends for years, but this video still begs the question: Might they actually be a couple?

Gisele’s Date
Tom Brady
Followers: 4.1 million
No surprise here: The model and her football-playing hubby have appeared together at the event for a decade.  

Blake Lively’s Date
Christian Louboutin
Shoe Designer
Followers: 10.8 million
Because everyone needs help putting on their shoes sometimes. Especially while wearing a ball gown.

Alexa Chung’s Dates
Poppy Delevingne & Karen Elson
@poppydelevingne & @misskarenelson
Socialite and Model, respectively
Followers: 1.3 million and 15k, respectively
Because why bring one date when you can have two?

Amber Heard’s Date
Wes Gordon
Carolina Herrera’s Creative Director
Followers: 53k
What with ex Elon Musk’s surprise appearance, we bet these two had lots to talk about on the ride home.

Jared Leto’s Date
Alessandro Michele
Creative Director of Gucci
Followers: 351k
After their luxury bus detoured around the city, the pair met up with Lana del Ray, also in Gucci, inside the gala.

A$AP Ferg’s Date
Renell Medrano
Followers: 195k
Will you just LOOK AT THAT KISS? Serious #couplegoals.

Amber Valletta’s Date
Kate Moss
Model and Agent
If this instantly iconic video of the two supermodels chugging Red Bull before the Met isn’t the best energy drink ad in the world, we don’t know what is.

Jennifer Lopez’s Date
Alex Rodriquez
Followers: 1.4 million
Something tells us there’s plenty more Met Galas for this couple.

Karlie Kloss’ Date
Brandon Maxwell
Followers: 269k
Wait, stylists can’t drink champagne, too? Oh, and Tiffany Haddish also showed up — casual.


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