Boo! Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume Is Here

The big plight of procrastinators this weekend is that a last-minute Halloween costume can’t be the one everyone freaks out over at the party tomorrow. Proof that’s simply not true: five paint-only ideas

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Insanity. Roxi’s mapping method speaks to the importance of a really great video tutorial.

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A great complement to Julie Hassett’s Lichtenstein-esque comic book job: a few pre-filled-in speech bubbles for photo props.

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For those with a little more time and patience, Melvin Lozada has you covered. In paint. (This one’s shirt free.)

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Fans of fairytales-gone-wrong stories and the dark underbelly of fantasy will find much to love—and recreate—on Reba Smith’s feed.

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A black background highlights Maritza’s artful jobs; to recreate that IRL, wear a black hoodie as a portable backdrop.

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Take it all off with the gold-standard of makeup remover wipes (or the cheapest hypoallergenic ones at your nearest drugstore).