When Push Comes to Shove: The Baby Whisperers


Most American babies are born in the Fall (September 16th, to be exact) which means two things: nine months ago, lotsa people were getting busy—thank you, freezing cold, can’t-do-anything-else wintertime—and right about now, mamas-to-be are deep into the planning of how the big day will go down which, for more women than ever, includes a doula. The increasing popularity dispels the notion that a doula’s a hippie-dippie, bougie luxury. Why a doula in the first place? As the Times wrote last year, they offer the familiarity and comfort of a family member without any fraught emotions. They’re also down to join for doctor’s appointments. It’s like a life coach for the unborn baby, in a way.

So, who’s leading the charge? These five women at the forefront of the movement of about 400 doulas nationwide. Get to know them below, and see candid photos of what being a doula’s actually about. If you’re into that.

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