Every “Real Person” Cast in Dolce & Gabanna’s FW18 Show

The theme of Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2017 runway show was royalty, so they cast the modern-day version of exactly that: members of the tweenage tech-savvy elite, social media supernovas, those-with-famous-last-names, and young creatives on the rise. In short: the kings and queens of the digital age, or as D&G has so-named them: #DGmillennials.

Meet everyone (with a verifiable Instagram account).

#DGPrinces #DGfw18 #mfw #DGMillennials #realpeople

A photo posted by Caroline Daur (@carodaur) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 877k

A photo posted by Raff Law (@raff_law) on


Gig: Musician, model, son of Jude

Followers: 23.7k


Gig: Founder and creative director of @larougebelle

Followers: 1.4m


Gig: Actor, Vine star

Followers: 17.5m

A photo posted by Ahmad Daabas (@ahmaddaabas) on


Gig: Founding Publisher & Editor in Chief AMDmode.com

Followers: 36.2k

A photo posted by NYD (@yumidondo) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 4,745

A photo posted by @diggysimmons on


Gig: Rapper

Followers: 1.2m

A photo posted by QUEEN STARLIE (@queenstarlie) on


Gig: Singer

Followers: 108k


Gig: Model

Followers: 2.7m


Gig: Bass player in The Atomics

Followers: 723k


Gig: Guitar player in The Atomics

Followers: 291k


Gig: Model

Followers: 634k

A photo posted by Jack Guinness (@jackguinness) on


Gig: Men’s Style @NextModels

Followers: 51.6k

A photo posted by Romain Costa _ (@romaincosta_) on


Gig: Architect

Followers: 90.8k


Gig: Editor, @manolosweden and @kingmagsweden

Followers: 66k

A photo posted by Sonia (@itsnotsonia) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 259k


Gig: Model

Followers: 98k

A photo posted by Lori Harvey (@lori_harvey_) on


Gig: Model, stepdaughter of Steve

Followers: 222k

A photo posted by Chase Hill (@chase_hill) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 87.2k

A photo posted by Presley (@presleygerber) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 206k


Gig: Model

Followers: 114k

A photo posted by Tinie Tempah (@tiniegram) on


Gig: Musician

Followers: 801k

A photo posted by Avan Jogia (@jogia) on


Gig: Actor, activist and director

Followers: 1.8m

A photo posted by Jim Chapman (@jimchapman) on


Gig: YouTuber, GQ Contributing Editor

Followers: 2.3m

A photo posted by Lee Oliveira (@leeoliveira) on


Gig: Photographer, New York Times Fashion contributor

Followers: 342k

A photo posted by JOSH CUTHBERT. (@joshcuthbert) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 404k


Gig: Model, Daughter of Sylvester, Student at USC

Followers: 335k


Gig: Celebrity Stylist, Consultant

Followers: 54.3k


Gig: Model

Followers: 401k


Gig: Instagrammer

Followers: 112k

A photo posted by Levi Dylan (@levidylan6) on


Gig: Model, Grandson of Bob Dylan

Followers: 6,592


Gig: Actor

Followers: 1,705

A photo posted by Will Peltz (@willpeltz) on


Gig: Actor

Followers: 71.8k


Gig: Model

Followers: 2.4m

A photo posted by Thomas Ye (@gogoboi) on


Gig: Style Blogger

Followers: 69.2k


Gig: Model

Followers: 334k



Gig: YouTuber

Followers: 3.6m


Gig: Style Blogger

Followers: 313k


Gig: YouTuber and Vine Star

Followers: 6.8m

A photo posted by Neels Visser (@neelsvisser) on


Gig: Model

Followers: 1.7m


Gig: Student and Instagrammer

Followers: 136k

A photo posted by Pelayo Díaz (@princepelayo) on


Gig: TV Host

Followers: 929k

A photo posted by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat) on


Gig: Stylist and Instagrammer

Followers: 315k

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on


Gig: Model, daughter of Lionel

Followers: 1.9m

A photo posted by 陈学冬 (@_cheneychen_) on


Gig: Actor

Followers: 1.1m


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