Reminder, There Are Still DILFs in Disneyland

Walt Disney probably didn’t have @dilfs_of_disneyland in mind when he first invited park goers to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland, but he inadvertently created the perfect gathering space for hot dads. In honor of Father’s Day, we are catching up with some of the top performing posts from the happiest place on Instagram (except maybe Disney World.) With over 350k followers, the now classic account is still going strong. Enjoy.

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📈  Overperformance: 1.5X | ❤ Likes: 9,467 +3.4K

📈  Overperformance: 1.6X | ❤ Likes: 9,605 +3.6K

📈  Overperformance: 1.7X | ❤ Likes: 9,869 +3.8K

📈  Overperformance: 2.9X | ❤ Likes: 15,957 +9.9K

📈  Overperformance: 2.4X | ❤ Likes: 14,534 +8.5K


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