Dating in 2019: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season refers to the cooler months of the year when people become extremely motivated to get “coupled up.” When the temperature drops, the number of couples rise. As cuffing season gets down to the wire, we’ve curated a collection of 11 accounts that illustrate the breadth of voices coming from the front lines of modern day dating culture.

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It’s nice to agree

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Funny but also don’t forget to vote on November 6th!

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this one is on you because #feminism

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When u hook up with too many people to even keep track :/

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Sometimes life is fucking hard! Sometimes those you love and trust hurt you unintentionally… sometimes they may even do it on purpose… but no matter the situation, no matter the hurt or shock or disappointment.. you still carry on. Because thats what strong, capable women do. We love each other eventhough we're strangers. We lift each other up and encourage one another because we have all been in that dark place. You may be walking through that scary, shadowy place right now. You may think you're alone. You may be on the floor crying, or sitting in your office just trying to hold it together. You may be driving and singing Elastic Heart… wherever you are, whatever it is… you've gotten through worse. You've dealt with terrible heartache and pain you never thought you'd survive. And yet… here. You. Are.

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I will get over this fight in 6-10 hours.

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I can’t believe I paid $70 for this before

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