Holiday Gifts You Really Should DIY

That a homemade DIY gift is widely considered more heartfelt and special isn’t new, but here’s one less-discussed benefit: it’s kind of therapeutic for the maker. The much-needed break for the analog just might unearth a hobby, or stir up a love of design that, some experts say, we’re educated away from (here’s a TED talk, for those who are inclined).

Long story short, making your presents isn’t just a gift for them: it’s buying yourself creative time, too.

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Undeniably cheery pom-poms take about one minute to make and turn any scarf into a warm and fuzzy, one-of-a-kind gift. For them, or for you.

Make Ashley Rose’s pom-pom scarf here.

Location: Houston, TX

Followers: 224k


Board games still have the upperhand when you’re trying to foster togetherness. Upgrade the old-school guessing game with portraits of your family.

Make Molly Madfis’s guess who here.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 33k


Give someone the experience of opening a treasure chest—and then the gift of cleanliness (next to godliness, you know).

Make Tanya’s gemstone soap here.

Location: Lake Superior, Canada

Followers: 10.3k


These handy coasters will protect any surface and communicate that both you and the recipient appreciate beautiful design in even the most innocuous of places.

Make Amy Kim’s marbled leather coasters here.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Help a loved one make something of unused space, without adding bulk or clutter, with a woodblock mobile.

Make Francesca Stone’s wood block mobile here.

Location: Birmingham, AL

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A boxy workwear-inspired jacket from Caron Callahan whose entire line is inspired by the idea of women artists in their studios.