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Lalla Zoulikha Hatchouel was a famous Moroccan Jewish martyr from the city of Tangier who lived during the reign of Sultan Moulay Abderrahmane. The story goes that in 1823 Lalla Zoulikha went to visit her parents in Fez when Tahar, the son of the Sultan, saw her and fell in love with her instantly, even going so far as to declare her the most breathtaking woman he’d ever seen. In a bid to marry her, his guards visited her family (as per Moroccan custom) to ask for her hand. However, Zoulikha’s family told the palace officials that they were Jewish and they could not give their daughter to a Muslim. Incensed, within two years the Sultan made a law that all the Jews of Fez must convert to Islam or face beheading. Zoulikha refused to convert – she was therefore beheaded and her head mounted on top of the highest point on the wall of the Mellah as an example to all Jews who refused to convert. She is remembered and honored to this day by Jews in Morocco.

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Hi everyone this is Smita Sharma @smitashrm taking over #womenphotograph this week. I am an Indian photographer focusing primarily on gender and human rights issues in South Asia. I am sharing photos from my work in Nepal on child marriage and this project was done for @humanrightswatch in 2016. Thank you @womenphotograph for this opportunity. Caption: Yasodha Majhi, 19, worships at her home at Chitrasari village, Chitwan on the morning of Nepali new year. Yasodha was about to graduate from high school and was to be the first girl from her community to go to college. . Nepal has the third-highest rate of child marriage in Asia. Every day, young girls and boys, mostly from marginalized communities, are being married by their families. Many girls also elope and opt to marry early themselves in the hope that they would get a better life but end up in the same cycle of poverty. | Photo by @smitashrm #nepal #childmarriage #culture #nepalphotoproject

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LEE KYOUNG-MI is one of South Korea’s brightest directing stars. Her drama THE TRUTH BENEATH (2016) recently beat out the likes of THE HANDMAIDEN to win Best Director at the 2016 Korean Film Critics Awards. Although strong female characters are popular in Korean cinema, female directors face the same challenges as they do in the States, with studios reluctant to invest big budgets in female led projects etc. But women face an added challenge on the international stage. Korean cinema is identified with a handful of male auteurs that have been festival favorites since the 90s. This makes it hard for the new generation of women to break through. #LEEKYOUNGMI #SonYejin #kpop #TheTruthBeneath #femaledirector #filmmakerfriday #womeninfilm #korea #koreancinema

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