Burning Man Overperformers

As ever, Burning Man brought a spate of influencers to the “Playa.” Even though the yearly event is designed to be spent “off the grid,” a tremendous amount of photographic evidence told a different story (albeit a spectacular one). Read on for our picks from the festival’s top overperformers.

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Sunsets on the playa 🌅 #Burningman2018 #Burningman

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📈 Overperformance: 6.98x

  • Jamie Toll
  • Brooklyn, NY

📈 Overperformance: 4.6x

📈 Overperformance: 4.03x

#Burningman is different than any other place I have been on the planet. The sense of community, the art, the level of discourse, the dancing, the freedom—it was an amazing experience: another world. At times it looked more like what I imagine Mars to look like than earth. It was also a challenging experience with its limited resources and harsh environment.... but the challenges made me learn some serious lessons about myself and the nature of survival. At one moment I was covered in dust, the next doing a life coach session with a Buddhist monk— in between dancing to all different genres of electronic music—to stumbling into a New Wave Camp and hand miming to Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. The event gives me faith in human ingenuity... the ability to create a better world and look at things differently. The most intense part was walking into the Temple (in the background in the first photo). People put pictures, messages, notes and say good bye to people they have lost or things/emotions they need to say good bye to. At the end of the week the Temple burns down everyone watches in silence. To me it became a sort of collective consciousness of great equalizers: heartache, pain, life, death and release. Now I am on the Burner Express Bus back to San Francisco, but not for long. I have to figure out where to go to next #nomadlife #burningman2018 #ingenuity #musclebear #gay #thoughts #gayguy #gayburner

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📈 Overperformance: 3.71x

📈 Overperformance: 3.69x

📈 Overperformance: 3.55x

📈 Overperformance: 3.54x

Anybody seen my baby? #burningman2018 #burnergirls

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📈 Overperformance: 3.21x

  • Kristinka
  • Los Angeles, CA

📈 Overperformance: 1.38x

  • Karla Kuhlmann
  • Hamburg, Germany

📈 Overperformance: 1.65x

📈 Overperformance: 1.17x