Behind the Scenes of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

This year’s post-Academy Awards bash to beat was, as usual, the celeb-studded Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The event, which marked the arrival of the magazine’s newly minted Editor-in-Chief, Radhika Jones, was, as always, one for the books. But the best part of the event wasn’t the green-and-white red carpet photos, but the gossip that results from having roughly every celebrity in one place at the same time. Before we get to the Instagrams from behind the scenes, here’s all the hot goss you missed:

1. Frances McDormand, that evening’s Best Actress winner, had her award stolen (it was later returned to her) and, apparently, walked around the party with a basket of fried chicken over her head. (Because when you’re a two-time Oscar winner, why not?)

2. Vanity Fair served “fried chicken, salty caramel gelato, macaroons, macaroni and cheese bites, and (everybody’s favorite) In-N-Out burgers with bottles of whole milk.”

3. Tom Holland and Zendaya, who co-starred in last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, are maybe dating? (Or maybe they just like to sit really close together?)

4. Kendall Jenner attended despite being reportedly hospitalized earlier that weekend due to a reaction to a fancy vitamin IV drip. (Celebs, they’re just like us.)

5. James Corden allegedly “cornered Jeff Bezos, and was heard asking the Amazon founder’s wife, MacKenzie, ‘So you’re the brains in the relationship, then?'” If you watched Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech, you’ll remember how she called upon the industry to work with more women, imploring film higher-ups, “Don’t talk to us about it at the parties tonight; invite us into your office in a couple days!” …That being said, do you think it’s cool for us to call France McDormand’s people yet? Either way, on to the #BTS!

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