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Here’s one way to stand out among the boxing gyms popping up seemingly everywhere: make the focus of your program balance. It’s not a common idea in a sport that’s all about sustained high intensity, but that’s exactly why Olivia Young, founder of the newly-opened Box + Flow, loves it. “I was always a girl in food who loved fitness. I was the brand director of Altamarea Group, Michael White’s and Ahmass Fakahany’s restaurant empire, but I also practiced yoga for 15 years and boxed for 10—simultaneously. Because I personally subscribe to a life of boxing, burgers, backends and beer, creating a workout that spoke to balance just seemed to make sense.” All inherently social and shareable activities, you could say. Here’s how she uses Instagram for all of it.

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Says Olivia “Liv” Young, founder of box + flow:
I named my fitness hybrid gym Box + Flow because they’re two opposites that create balance. Through a 50-minute boxing and yoga flow workout, we attempt to create equilibrium in mind, body and soul. A part of that balance is checking Instagram when I’m not in the studio. I look at it when I wake up, or when I’m researching something. I find inspiration for what to order at a restaurant, or as a tool for picking a hotel or connecting with old friends. Of course, with a new business, it’s also a marketing platform, and it’s a way to communicate this new brand to the world. In a sentence: it’s inspiration and conversation…or to figure out what I’m in the mood for for dinner.


When I want to decide where to go for dinner

Josh is a gem of a human and always eating around town. Rather than looking to magazines or editorial content to figure out where to go these days, it’s fun to follow editors—Josh is basically one—to see where I should be eating, right when new places pop up. He is on the cusp of all things food.

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When I’m craving the beach

I look at La Maree Swimwear. Founder Jessie Rudin really lives the Amagansett surfset/St. Tropez life via her company’s social media. Scrolling through her feed brings me to warmer climates and that carefree beachy nonchalance I crave so often. And her bathing suits are simple, sexy and easy to wear.

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When I don’t have time to shop but need something new

I’ve been wearing Reformation since they opened their little shop on the Lower East Side with a few sewing machines in the back, making every piece of clothing by hand. I’m a steady customer. These days, I never have time to shop, nor do I want to. I just order Ref in bulk to my house and return whatever doesn’t fit. Following the brand makes my shopping decisions easier and my time even more efficient than even browsing on their site.

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When I want badass yoga flows set to great beats sealed with deep inspiration

Beth Cooke teaches at Y7 Studio. She is an amazing yoga teacher, and she is all about flow. Her feed is a direct reflection of who she is in person. She shows up big in life, in class, and more. When I am having a bad day or just want to consider a new flow, I turn to Beth.

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When I need some superhuman energy

I’m really into entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk’s short video posts. He is superhuman when it comes to his opinions and his energy, but his no bullshit attitude is raw and real. Gary is borderline ridiculous, but I think that is the point. He doesn’t give a shit if you like him or not—he just speaks his mind, and I think that has a lot to do with what has made him successful. It doesn’t seem like he’s wasted time worrying about what anyone thinks of him, good or bad. That “realness” is inspiring.

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Back to food: when I want to see what and where to eat, all over the globe

Camilla Ruth has a lust for life, a knack for food photography, and a desire to share her jet setting food travels with the world. She is the co-founder of TechTable, after all. She doesn’t waste time eating anything that isn’t yummy. But, if she does, she doesn’t bother posting. I’d follow Camilla around the globe any day.

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When I want to see where my old boss chef Michael White is in the world

I just check out his feed. When I was the Brand Director of the Altamarea Group, it was important that I kept him on his toes, and I followed him to make sure he was where he needed to be and check that he wasn’t posting anything profane. These days, it just makes me feel like he and I are still spending time together as I don’t get to see him as much. Michael loves food and travel, and his travel inspires him to continue cooking and creating with new flavors. So, when I am looking for Chef White, I check in at @chefbianco.

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When I want to see another side to a power couple

No one is more of a badass than Anthony Bourdain…except his wife Ottavia. She is a lean, mean, fighting machine—really. She’s an MMA fighter and all-around awesome human. They are one power couple. Between both of their feeds, I get to experience eating, traveling, and grappling! It’s cool to see the other half of a power couple, when one is much more prominent in the public eye. Ottavia and I speak similar languages. Plus, we both like boxing (or MMA) and really good steak.

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When I need a reminder to laugh

There’s just one feed to pull up: Action Bronson. He is a badass lover of life—an amazing rapper who loves food, travel, culture and people. His crew is one of the funniest around. Being around him, Meyhem Lauren, the Alchemist, Chris Grosso, and Big Body Bess is a guaranteed belly ache from laughing so hard. Via his Instagram, you see that he believes in all things delicious, and he’s as funny and endearing in person as he is on TV. I just gotta get him into box + flow!

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