Boss Babes Who Blaze

Whoever said stoners can’t be productive has clearly never lit up with one of these entrepreneurial women of the weed industry. Not only do these ladies enjoy toking (or testing out the newest CBD oil), but it’s all they think about from 9 to 5. Look no further for inspiration this 4/20.

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seen my aura hop out my torso and hit a backwoods

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Roll up a joint and revel in the ‘70s pop curation from this social media and art director for the sleek Los Angeles dispensary, Erba Collective.

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You know what the best job in the world must be? Cannabis blogger. End of story.

This feed is 50% fine jewelry and 50% organic CBD beauty and skincare, all of which has been whipped up by Blair Lauren.

Already made new friends in LA 🍃

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The co-founder of Nice Paper (a soon-to-be-launched cannabis-focused newsletter) takes a great selfie with the prettiest plants you’ve ever seen and suggests all the CBD oils you never knew you needed.

 Want to sneak a peek inside the inner workings of Broccoli? Be sure to follow the artsy green-friendly publication’s editor-in-chief and creative director.


Smoke up in style with these Crystal GeoPipes from Stonedware Company, whose pretty pipes are like small works of art.