Guest Editor: Big Kid Problems

Twentysomething Sarah Merrill is the writer, curator, meme generator extraordinaire behind @bigkidproblems, a place where other twentysomethings flock for solace and solidarity with a daily dose of humor.

With a mix of wry wit and punchy pop culture references, Merrill helps make #adulting in NYC bearable, Here, the feeds she scrolls through on the regular, whether she’s looking for inspiration or a laugh.

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Says Sarah:

I love procrastinating, any time, any where. When I should be working, when I said I’d meet friends 20 minutes ago, when I need to start getting out of bed, and when I should be sleeping. I use instagram to find trends, to stay informed, to explore new places, and of course, to laugh. Here are some of my favorites that keep me nice and distracted.


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When I want relatable laughs I look at…

@betches They speak to me.

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When I need to feel good about my drinking habits…

@Onehope Their bottles are *basically* accessories and they all give back to a good cause. Sign me up.

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When I’m planning my next trip I look at at…

@finewineandagoodtime Gives lots of awesome travel recommendations!

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When I want to see the most popular memes on the internet I look at…

@theFatJewish He might not create his own stuff, but his commentary is hilarious.

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When I want witty laughs I look at…

@overheardLA I once spent an entire 2 hour card ride looking through this account. Hysterical.

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When I want to look at dogs (which is all the time) I look at…


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When I want to look at pretty things I look at…

@juliahengel Home girl has the prettiest feed in the game.

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When I need a drink I look at…

@roseseason *Sigh* is it Summer yet?

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When I need new clothes I look at…

@wirkustwins They have the cutest style and always share where to find their looks.

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When I want to get informed, I look at…

@theskimm Their newsletter helps me seem like I know stuff.

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When I’m hungry I look at…

@foodintheair My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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When I’m feeling girly I look at…

@cosmopolitan Ive been a cosmo girl since I was 13!

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When I want to feel healthy, I look at…

@Theaccuchick She has a realistic take on health and wellness and she gives awesome home remedies.

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When I have #wanderlust I look at…

@graymalin His pictures are so clear and beautiful, you feel like you’re there.

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