Partying with Cannes Lions Insiders 

#BestoftheFest: Partying with Cannes Lions Insiders 

You thought you knew Cannes from Bella Hadid’s Instagram posts, but you were wrong. Only after the parade of supermodels pack up and leave the film festival does the real fun begin. (Although, now that you mention it, we wouldn’t have minded attending this year’s amfAR gala one bit.) Below, we track down five in-the-know creatives in attendance at this week’s Cannes Lions, the town’s aptly-named International Festival of Creativity.

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  • Dianna McDougall, Art Director, Adweek
  • New York, NY

Party: @spotify x @thekillers at #spotifybeach

#BTS: “I lost my hearing for this photo.”

Holding office hours at #TwitterBeach this week 😎

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  • EJ Samson, Global Content Strategy Lead at Twitter
  • New York, NY

Party: @twitter‘s week-long #TwitterBeach 

#InsiderTip: Stay super on top of the Cannes #twitterverse with EJ’s co-worker, Kevin O’Donnell (@odtron),  who heads up music partnerships for the platform.

  • Edward Enninful, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue
  • London, England

Party (well… less a party than a super VIP get together): A group hug après taking the stage with Thandie Newton and @HP CMO Anthony Lucio for a talk called “Diversity – a Values Issue and Business Imperative – Requires Bold Action.”

#InsiderTip: @iamnaomicampbell is right about everything.

  • Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient
  • Los Angeles, CA

Party: Avec @queenlatifah at #thegirlslounge

#InsiderTip: Read up on Zalis’ fascinating Girls’ Lounge initiative here.

  • Dan Wotton, Television Personality & Executive Editor of The Sun
  • London, England

Party: News UK x @kylieminogue, @officialfatboyslim, and @idriselba at @chateaudegaribondy

#BTS: Before getting onstage to introduce the evening’s special performance (hint: rhymes with Schmylie Schminogue), Wotton was given a red neckerchief from the singer to calm his nerves. Chiiiiiic.


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