Best New Cashmere Brands to Cash in On

In the last five years, the cashmere industry has gone through something of a renaissance. No longer is cashmere the stuff of stuffy Park Avenue moms… A new era is upon us. Feast your eyes on these up-and-coming brands giving the old-guard a run for their money with innovative designs and production techniques.


⏳Since: 2013

🔎 Known For: ethically-sourced cashmere

📊Followers: 39.6k

🔥 Engagement: 2.13%

📈 30-Day Growth: 7.53% (+2.8k)

Naked Cashmere

⏳Since: 2016

🔎 Known For: direct-to-consumer cashmere

📊Followers: 44.6k

🔥 Engagement: 1.34%

📈 30-Day Growth:0.02% (+7)


⏳Since: 2017

🔎 Known For: luxurious, affordable loungewear

📊Followers: 3.8k

🔥 Engagement: 1.24%


⏳Since: 2017

🔎 Known For: modern luxury without the luxury prices. (Read: Under $200 pieces.)

📊Followers: 623

Black Goat Cashmere

⏳Since: 2015

🔎 Known For: timeless, unisex pieces

📊Followers: 642

🔥 Engagement: 9.09%

📈 30-Day Growth: 0.16% (+1)


⏳Since: 2013

🔎 Known For: the “lean closet” movement, aka quality over quantity

📊Followers: 170.9k

🔥 Engagement: 0.52%

📈 30-Day Growth: 1.42% (+2.4k)

Lingua Franca

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⏳Since: 2015

🔎 Known For: sustainably-sourced, fair trade luxury cashmere sweaters hand-stitched by women in NYC

📊Followers: 49.3k

🔥 Engagement: 4.89%

📈 30-Day Growth: 0.01% (+5)