Front-Facing Camera: Models on Snapchat


It’s safe to say that of all the world’s professions, only one really takes retouching flack: models, and that’s why following them on Snapchat is all the more intriguing. Yes, they’re really that beautiful without Photoshop. And what’s more, their own personalities are coming through, no matter what their wardrobe for the day is.

Here, five we’re following all around the world.

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**PRO TIP: on your mobile phone, save the snapcode to your library by holding down on the image and saving it. Then, add it into Snapchat for easy finding and following.

Follow @stellamaxwell on Instagram

With her permanently puckered lips, wide eyes and blonde hair, it’s hard to avoid comparing Stella Maxwell to Brigitte Bardot. Luckily, we have Snapchat, where Stella is completely herself, whether she’s covered in sand on a beach or hanging with her fellow VS Angels.

Snapchat Handle: stellamaxwell

Instagram Followers: 1.7m

Follow @josephineskriver on Instagram

There’s really no denying that Josephine Skrivo leads a beautifully directed life—much of her time is spent on set, but it’s her behind-the-scenes and off-duty snaps that showcase how much work goes into her career.

Snapchat Handle: jojoskriver

Instagram followers: 1.9m


Follow @andreeadiddy on Instagram

If you thought Andreea Diaconu’s Instagram was funny, follow her on Snapchat—she’s the first to crack jokes about herself, and doesn’t take this “being professionally super good-looking” business too seriously.

Snapchat Handle: andreeadiddy

Instagram Followers: 94.8k

Follow @jastookes on Instagram

This one’s a little envy-inducing, so hold off on looking at Jasmine Tookes’s story til after work. Chances are she’s hanging with her coworkers (fellow VS models) at the office (on a beach) or working out (glistening at a gym) or at home (closing on her new Hamptons house). Luckily, she’s gracious and grateful enough that it’s hard to not enjoy.

Snapchat Handle: jastookes

Instagram Followers: 1m

Follow @ireneisgood on Instagram

The fine folks over at alerted us to the launch of goofyball beauty Irene Kim’s snapchat last spring with her takeover during Seoul Fashion Week. Her story proves that life is not all green juices and spin classes. Nope. It’s rainbow hair, family hangouts, getting stuck in traffic, too.

Snapchat Handle: ireneisgood

Instagram Followers: 756k