The Seoul of Fashion: Korean Street Style Stars

Few cities celebrate personal style like Seoul. The South Korean hotbed trades a signature citywide tone—New Yorker black, for example—for individuality, favoring color, pattern, texture and matter more than following one trend. Which makes it hard to paint a consistent picture, and that’s kind of the point. Here, five women doing the street style thing in their very own ways.

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Nanjeong Lee combines playful sartorial taste with business acumen, running her own online shop, Second Heaven, and through her Instagram, is the best ambassador for the tomboyish, colorful style at the center of her store.

Location: Seoul, Korea

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Fashion reporter Yuna Lee started her career by studying fashion marketing and English literature. With her feminine, romantic style, we’re picturing a worn copy of Austen in her Jump From Paper bag.

Location: Seoul, Korea

Followers: 11.6k

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Being born in Melbourne definitely gives Julie Yoon’s style a hint of Aussie beach flavor. Now, she lives and studies in Seoul at Korea University with her pups Coco Chanel Yoon and Louis Vuitton Yoon—happy subjects in her photoshoots.

Location: Seoul, Korea

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Irene Kim’s rainbow-hued hair first put her on the map a few years ago, and the key to her bonafide supermodel success is no doubt her positivity and confidence. She’s outspoken on Instagram about embracing who she is—not a tall order for someone so naturally and classically beautiful—but the uncompromising happiness is contagious.

Location: Seoul, Korea

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Gabriella Kim, the fashion writer behind Ms. Gabbys, calls the Seoul-adjacent city of Uijeongbu—30 miles from most of her peers—home. Her style hallmarks: jewel tones, lace, elegant draping and floral prints.

Location: Uijeongbu, Korea

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A hydrating mask is a non-negotiable in Korean skincare routines. (This goopy gel one’s from Laniege, a Seoul-based cult skincare brand).