Balance in Bali: Digital Nomads Living On/Off the Grid

Since we’re counting days right now—100 days of the current administration, the first Monday in May, roughly two weeks until many college graduations—let’s remember we’re 120 days into the year 2017. That means, for the expats who’ve decamped for the mystical Bali—of which there really are many now—that’s 120 days they’ve been living better than, like, most of us.

See, there’s this weird paradox over there. Bali seems full of off-the-grid promises, yet the Indonesian hotspot is fully connected. Coworking spaces, skateboard bars, fashion bloggers, eco-supportive cafes—it’s a digital nomad’s heaven.

Here are five feeds sure to kick up some wanderlust.

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Occupation: Environmentalist and Photographer

Followers: 23.5k

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Occupation: Designer of Akoia Swim

Followers: 52.4k

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Occupation: Photographer

Followers: 17.4k


Occupation: Parents of Bali

Followers: 36k


Occupation: Travel Writers and Best Friends

Followers: 77.5k


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