Round of a Paws: Influential Dogs


Humans are great, sure, but dogs are just next level. Especially when they’re doing things humans do—skateboarding, sleeping (shout-out to Casper for the dog mattress launched last week), #menswear—while looking cooler (and cuter) than we ever could. And Instagram—with its quick, endless scrolling—is a great place for just the sort of fun, easy-to-consume high-calorie puppy pictures that instantly make our days better. Heck, there are so many of these that last fall Racked did a little investigative reporting into the rise of feeds like Toast, Chloe, and René-Charles. To separate from the visual noise, cuteness alone isn’t cutting it anymore. These dogs are bona fide talents. As Germany’s first chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, once famously put it, “Hounds follow those who feed them.” Well, here are five dog feeds that have undeniably stolen our hearts and left us hungry for more…


No wave is too gnarly for Brandy the Pug. Known as The World’s Most Versatile Surfing & Snowboarding Pug, this multitalented canine is certainly making a big splash. The pup has a varied feed of sun, scenery, and the occasional wave ride, proving that cuteness (and athletics) never stop. If you don’t believe it, visit Brandy’s YouTube channel for proof.

Location: California

Followers: 40.4k


What happens when man’s best friend has its own man’s best friend? You get Paulie and Nixon. Paulie, a pit bull mix, and Nixon, a Great Dane, are always up for a good hike, spending their days exploring the mountains and streams of British Columbia together. A glance at their adventures filled with breathtaking natural scenery should have anyone drooling like a dog for the outdoors. Still can’t get over how regal and shiny Nixon’s coat looks.

Location: Vancouver Island, BC

Followers: 2,712


Angus is just plain cute. There’s no getting around it. The Pembroke Welsh corgi isn’t even a year old and is already an adventure expert and aspiring model, sporting bow ties, designer shades, and—our personal favorite—a Pikachu costume. (If only Pokémon Go worked for this corgi!)

Location: Seattle, WA

Followers: 10.3k

A photo posted by @kaffegram on


They say curiosity killed the cat, but Kaffe the curly-coated retriever is free from such worries. This pooch has quite the wanderlust for the great outdoors and is probably better traveled than most humans. Digging holes and tasting stuff aren’t Kaffe’s only hobbies. The retriever has been snapped all over Finland and neighboring countries while hiking, paddle boarding, ice fishing, and more.

Location: Finland

Followers: 12.2k

A photo posted by Dogs of New York (@dogs_ny) on


Borrowing the concept from Humans of New York, Dogs of New York is also sharing one story at a time, just from a slightly different perspective. Some of the hippest dogs live in the Big Apple, and like humans they have capturable emotions too. DONY does a phenomenal job of nabbing the true essence of our furry friends in their concrete playground. The project also has a blog and shop where people can order prints of their pups.

Location: New York City

Followers: 21.9k



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