These Collage Artists’ Paper Cuts = The Best DIY

What to do with those magazines and newspapers that pile up? Grab some scissors and browse the feeds of these expert remix masters.

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With clippings from totally disparate sources, Michael DeSutter swirls and tangles forms that basically move around on the page.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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In Q-TA’s world, shrieks of flames replace human hair, bougainvilleas bloom where eyeballs once were, and surrealist landscapes have taken over the earth.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Chad Wys scrubs out history, smearing paint and gluing color-blocked panels onto prints of famous sculptures (and as of late, rendering those ideas in 3D forms).

Location: Peoria, IL

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Adam Hale’s meditations on negative space—slivers of image set against the same cream background—create consistency within an art form meant to combine and remix.

Location: London, England

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Dear X-Acto Knives, thank you for the precision that makes Fajar P. Domingo’s sharply seamless works possible.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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