Up in the Air: Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta

As the ballooning capital of the world, naturally New Mexico plays host to The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each year. Sponsored by Canon, the festival is one of the World’s most photographed events, and for good reason.

The sight of over 750 airships of all shapes, sizes and colors floating in wide, clear blue skies has everyone from seasoned balloonists to first-time flyers filled with excitement. Professional photographers, bloggers, pilots, and families make their way to Balloon Fiesta Park from all corners of the globe, some come to ride while others simply gape at the seas of soaring balloons.

Taking great pride in their yearly event, Albuquerque has its fair share of balloon-based activities, from a ballooning museum to balloon-inspired food. The event brings lively customers to the area, even big business heavyweights like Airbnb are setting records surrounding the celebration, attracting 4,400 guests during the stretch of days from October 7th to the 15th.

Today, we’ve rounded some of the best of the fest to give you a few reasons to take flight. Scroll carefully, or you might find yourself #blownaway.

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