8 (More) Nice Jewish Boys to Light Up Your Hanukkah

This highly, highly important compendium marks our fourth annual list of the nicest Jewish boys to light up your Hanukkah. As ever, we’re bringing you a NJB for every day of the holiday, plus a shamash (center candle on a menorah, for the uninitiated) for good luck. (Spoiler alert: It’s always the world’s most chosen rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham.) Plus (because we know how you think), we’re ranking all of them in order of engagement rate over the past month, AKA how hard it is to break through the noise of their DMs with your Hanukkah party invite.


🌟 Occupation: Host, HQ Trivia

📊Followers: 88,392

🔥 Engagement: 2.09%

🌟 Occupation: Photographer

📊Followers: 35,226

🔥 Engagement: 2.41%

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Nature of the clown – Marrakech Medina

A post shared by Adam Green (@averagecabbage) on

🌟 Occupation: Musician (The Moldy Peaches)

📊Followers: 23,037

🔥 Engagement: 4.54%

🌟Occupation: Pop star

📊Followers: 11,656

🔥 Engagement: 6.38%

Ezra Koenig

🌟 Occupation: Musician (Vampire Weekend)

📊Followers: 252,240

🔥 Engagement: 11.59%

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Good Shabbat 👌

A post shared by Paul tashgian (@paul_tashgian) on

🌟 Occupation: Fitness model

📊Followers: 8,495

🔥 Engagement: 15.29%

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Fun times on #fallontonight last night.

A post shared by Sam Morril (@sammorril) on

🌟 Occupation: Comedian

📊Followers: 36,057

🔥 Engagement: 16.18%

Razi Wahab

🌟 Occupation: Fitness model

📊Followers: 44,288

🔥 Engagement: 27.85%


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Comment the joke told in this picture.

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🌟 Occupation: Rapper

📊Followers: 51,338,651

🔥 Engagement: 1.7%