5 Things We’re Talking About This Weekend


In our quest to find the very best, most interesting, yet-unknown people and things on Instagram, we come across a ton of stuff. Not all of it fits tidily into one of our thrice-weekly lists, but they definitely makes the rounds elsewhere—and they deserve to see the light of day. And sometimes, you just want some high-calorie fun-and-easy Internet candy to snack on. Here, five things that we Slacked about this week, and think you should know about, too.

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Belladonna of Sadness is a legendary and forgotten Japanese anime film from the ’70s, and stay with us do not stop reading yet because this is the realness: haunting, psychedelic, moving—no words feel right to describe the wonder of watching the trailer. Why now? The film was lovingly restored and distributed early this year, but this week, NY Mag’s The Cut drew attention to the companion book of landmark illustrations. Crazy ahead of its time, the heavy subject matter (rated-X type stuff, so hide ya kids) is made palatable by dripping watercolors. Google pointed us to FastCo’s exhaustive breakdown of the restoration.

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The Cloud Appreciation Society is a full-blown, for-profit endeavor with a mesmerizing user-sourced Instagram feed. It’s just homogenous enough to set you adrift on a daydream as you scroll, but you learn—a lot—through the captions. For further learning, if you are so inclined, the society runs an incredible blog. Seriously. Recent posts: a Johnnie Ray song from 1956 about a little rain cloud; the “cloud of the month” called a corona. And they’re fully merch’d out.

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This week, a friend and celebrity wrangler for Hearst turned us onto this incredible true crime podcast called My Favorite Murder. (Well, he casually name-dropped it in a Digiday “day in the life” piece.) We can only describe it as Drunk History meetings 2 Dope Queens meets Last House on the Left (all three of which you should be consuming at your leisure). The two hosts, comedians both, swap stories of their favorite murders. Some obscure, some famous, but all get a detailed retelling, wrapped up in their hysterical banter that veers just the right side of maybe-offensive.

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We were about to launch a missing persons campaign for Frank Ocean, but he resurfaced with an appropriately mysterious livestream and then pulled a Beyoncé, releasing a 45-minute visual album called Endless. We cannot stop watching it. The lore behind it has launched a few heated debates. Is it a soundstage? Is it actually Frank Ocean? Who knows? Who cares! It, of course, comes complete with a motley mix of collaborators—Tom Sachs, Wolfgang Tillmans, Björk’s producer Arca, among others. And while you were sleeping, dedicated reporter Dee Lockett broke the whole thing down.

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What is this wonderfulness? Until about one day ago, we didn’t even know about Full Moon Festival, but it looks fantastic. (Or maybe that’s just the beautiful branding—shoutout to @MatteProjects). Anyway, there was a full moon last night, and it’ll be celebrated all weekend on at this little beach club on Governor’s Island by SBRKT, Pusha T, Santigold, among others.

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