5 Artists from @Refinery29’s Fashion Week Funhouse #29Rooms

Refinery29’s 29 Rooms has been making a splash during NYFW since 2015. The funhouse allows visitors to step into a veritable wonderland of interactive artistic exhibitions covering the realms of fashion, beauty, art, tech and the scope of the imagination.

Fancy telling some tales? Join Emma Roberts in the writer’s corner. Or how about becoming art yourself? Familiar artist Alexandra Meade’s living painting palace is the room for you.

Brands also joined in on the fun. Take a walk through the tunnel of love with Aldo and their #aldocrew or go for a spin on Ulta’s beauty carousel.

While visitors were once able to line up on the fly for a chance to get into the event, 2017 marks the first year requiring tickets for entry, but don’t think that kept the numbers down. They’ve done nothing but grow.

Year 1 (Sept. 11-12 2015)
Number of Likes: 773,558
Number of Comments: 15,075
Cumulative Reach: 96,304,553
Total Posts: 3,168

Year 2  (Sept. 9-11 2016)
Number of Likes: 1,525,989
Number of Comments: 19,917
Cumulative Reach: 183,178,407
Total Posts: 4,350

Year 3 (Sept. 8-11th 2017)
Number of Likes: 1,682,174
Number of Comments: 20,956
Cumulative Reach: 105,192,299
Total Posts: 4,931

(Numbers above denote total public post performance for #29rooms on Instagram only)

There is strength in numbers. Refinery recognizes this with bold neon lettered statements in support of Planned Parenthood and walls covered with Women’s March paraphernalia, making even the march’s Art Director Paola Mendoza proud.

Feeling major FOMO? Don’t worry if you missed the September event, there’s another coming up in Los Angeles this December. In the meantime, scroll on for some of our favorite artists behind the event.

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Australian graphic artist Luke Choice works across the fields of animation, typography and 3D illustration in his creative studio, Velvet Spectrum. Choice’s art welcomed fashion funhouse visitors, illustrating the once empty warehouse and beginning the illuminating experience for all who entered. What’s even more inspiring? Choice’s story, check that caption.

📍Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊  Follower Count: 78,102


Between the warm color palette and thick bold lines, Brazilian born illustrator Marina Esmeraldo’s work, including clothing line PAOM or Print All Over Me, is recognizable instantly. So is the subject matter, from subway sitting to Peggy’s badass Mad Men hallway walk. Seem’s appropriate to find Esmeraldo’s powerful work in the Women’s March room.

📍Location: London & Barcelona | 📊  Follower Count: 5,505


Benjamin Shine’s sculptures are produced using mediums from traditional steel in the deserts of Arizona to innovative tulle portraiture on display in Bergdorf Goodman’s windows. Even more inventive? His audiovisual sculpture created for 29 Rooms featuring musical sisters duo Chloe and Halle Bailey.

📍Location: London | 📊  Follower Count: 66,121

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Jen “Jack of all trades, master of a couple” Mussari, is a multifaceted artist using many different canvases from Adidas sneakers to denim decal designs for the ladies of The Wing. Any way you stretch it, Mussari is using her artistic skills to fight the good fight.

📍Location: Brooklyn, NY | 📊  Follower Count: 21,666


Any avid Refinery29 reader will recognize Petra Eriksson’s bold rotoscope reminiscent illustration style. The Swedish artist’s scope of subjects range from dancing dots to digital florals and empowered women’s portraits.

📍Location: Barcelona | 📊  Follower Count: 18,929


20X200’s motto? It’s art for everyone. The collective has worked to change the art world, providing quality pieces at any budget, for the seasoned patron to the first time collector.